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Occupying the position of President, Hiko founder Christophe Cappiello is the brains behind the company's creation. He maintains an impressive number of business contacts, and connectivity issues have too often been a difficult obstacle to overcome. He came up with the idea of launching the company in 2022, and after much research and development, he is actively involved in the development of the Hiko network, overseeing each and every operation with flair.


Sales Director

Guillaume Chaput recently joined the Hiko team to support our president in business development. With many years of experience in web marketing, customer acquisition and territory development, he brings a modern vision and strategic plan to grow Hiko's network rapidly.


Finance Director

Noémie Moquin has been a key member of the team since the early days of Technologies Hiko. She stands out for her incredible attention to detail, an essential quality in finance. Her undeniable passion for numbers is evident in her regular commitment to ensuring the company's financial health. With an education and a solid base of experience in accounting, Noémie is an invaluable asset who fits in perfectly with our team.

At Hiko, every day is an exciting opportunity to discover new horizons and create unique moments.

We are a committed family, united by fundamental principles such as transparency and authenticity. Transparency at Hiko is not just a policy: it's the way we navigate. No mysteries, no behind-the-scenes games. We believe in open, honest conversations as the foundation of long-lasting, fruitful relationships.
Authenticity is our pure energy. We encourage everyone to bring their true personality to work. At Hiko, you're not just another employee. You're a valuable individual who contributes to our collective success. Join us at Hiko, where every day is an authentic adventure.
Let's make every moment together an exceptional experience, where transparency and authenticity are the keys to our shared success.

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