1- Download and locate

Download the Hiko Technologie app from the App Store or Google Play. Locate one of our stations using the app, and scan the QR code on it.
2- création Compte

2- Create an account

Create an account in less than two minutes using your telephone number. Enter your cellphone number and a code will be sent to you. Confirm the code as soon as you receive it.

3- Pay and get your battery back

Follow the payment instructions. Once payment has been confirmed, take the battery assigned to you and plug in your device.

4- Turn the battery over once you're satisfied

When you've finished using one of our batteries, simply drop it off at any station where there's an empty space. Using the app, you can locate stations and see how many spaces are available for return.

Be mobile without constraints!

  • The level of each battery is also easy to check with the mobile app
  • Our portable, MICRO-USB, USB-C and LIGHTNING-compatible batteries offer a mobile, easy-to-access solution for any user.
  • The wires are integrated directly into the side of the machine for easy access.