Increase your revenues and customer retention.

Our batteries are rented for an average of 104 minutes. Statistically, 92% of this extra time results in additional sales for the establishment.


Increase your customer base

This service attracts customers who are looking for a quick and easy connection solution, and by offering this solution, you are exponentially attracting this type of customer to your premises.


Self-service station

This service is completely free of charge and also managed within the application. With this totally autonomous service, your employees will only have to devote themselves to the tasks of your business.


Sense of security when returning home

Having a charged device is key to ensuring that customers and employees get home safely. Whether it's to access public transport timetables or book a cab, stay in touch with family and friends or, in case of absolute necessity, the emergency services.

10 quick-recharge batteries

In each of our Hiko charging stations are 10 portable batteries specially designed for your charging needs. Equipped with the necessary connections for Android or Iphone phones, they’ll keep you plugged in with the equivalent of 2 to 3 full charges for your phone.

Regular maintenance visits

Hiko has a team dedicated to the distribution and maintenance of mobile charging stations.
You don’t have to manage anything, we take care of everything.
We’ll make sure our stations are always at peak capacity at all times.
You’ll also benefit from a direct support number in case of major technical problems


LTE/4G/WIFI connectivity

All Hiko charging stations are designed to be compatible with LTE/4G and WiFi technologies, enabling them to cover all types of locations with unrivalled connectivity.

24/7 customer support

Thanks to the QR code available on all our mobile charging stations, all potential customers have direct access to our app. You’ll find a map with all return locations as well as explanatory videos.

We also have a 24/7 direct support number to help you at any time.

Smart refill terminals!

  • The Hiko application guides the user step by step
  • Our recharging stations are self-contained, so there's no need for staff to intervene.
  • The location of the stations is displayed in the Hiko application for easy return.

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The compatibility of our charging stations with the Hiko app is a real asset.

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